1426754434_bMy copy of Here I Stand: A Life of Martin Luther is falling apart.  I first read this classic back in 1998.  At that time, Luther’s life and legacy were still very new to me.  Now over fifteen years later, the story is no less exciting.  In fact, it just keeps getting better.

Bainton’s work is clearly the best biographical overview of Luther’s life.  The book walks readers through the humble beginning of Luther’s life as the son of a coal miner, his induction into an Augustinian monastery, radical conversion, and his courageous work as a reformer.

Bainton writes objectively and is not afraid to show Luther’s warts and weaknesses.  Luther’s theological development emerges in these pages which give readers a context for the blossoming Protestant Reformation.

Here I Stand: A Life of Martin Luther should sit proudly on every theologian’s shelf.  Read it for inspiration, education, and fuel for the soul!



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