MASTERING GOLF’S MENTAL GAME – Michael T. Lardon (2014)

GolfReading an instructional book on the game of golf is a study in contrasts.  I would rather watch paint dry than reading some of these books.  On the other hand, some of these instructional books are quite inspirational and helpful.  Dr. Michael T. Lardon’s book, Mastering Golf’s Mental Game is of the later sort.

The book is organized into two parts.  Part one  details what the author refers to as the six components of mental excellence, which include: (1) Attitude, (2) Motivation, (3) Control, (4) Optimization, (5) Concentration, and (6) Mental Plan.

The components are thoroughly research and have been field tested in several arenas.  Most importantly, the six components of mental excellence have been tested on the golf course.

A chapter is devoted to each quality noted above.  The author carefully describes each quality and backs the concept up with at least one case study.  Additionally, each chapter includes a practical homework assignment where readers (or golfers in this case) can apply the principles that are presented.

Part two includes the “Mental Scorecard.”  Dr. Lardon essentially takes the philosophical components in part one and applies the lessons which can be immediately utilized on the golf course.

The primary ingredient in the mental scorecard is the “pre-shot pyramid which is designed to fine tune the golf game of everyone from amateurs to professionals.    The pre-shot pyramid includes three critical components, namely – 1) Calculate, 2) Create, and 3) Execute.   Golfers are encouraged walk through these carefully defined steps which will theoretically improve one’s score.  The author presents a workable system wherein golfers can apply each principle set forth in the book.

Mastering Golf’s Mental Game is a fascinating read that will be of tremendous help to golfers who seek to lower their scores.  The writing is clear and concise.  The case studies help show how the principles work in the real world.  Essentially, the author presents a system; a system which is designed to renovate the mind and lead to positive results on the golf course.

I received this book free from the publisher.   I was not required to write a positive review. 

4 stars

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