IF I HAD LUNCH WITH C.S. LEWIS – Alistair McGrath (2014)

C.S. LewisC.S. Lewis is widely trumpeted as one of the leading Christian thinkers and apologists of the 2oth century.  His seminal works, Mere Christianity and The Problem of Pain have equipped a new generation of Christ-followers.  Creative works like The Great Divorce have stimulating the imaginations of thousands.  And who could forget his landmark series, The Chronicles of Narnia which continue to sell like hotcakes over fifty years later.

Alister McGrath is a leading authority on C.S. Lewis.  Like Lewis, the author teaches at Oxford University where his interest in Lewis blossomed.

If I Had Lunch With C.S. Lewis is a basic introduction to the life and writing of the Oxford don.  McGrath arranges a series of imaginary lunches with Lewis where they chat about subjects that matter – friendship, story-telling, learning, theology, apologetics, and suffering.

If I Had Lunch With C.S. Lewis is a perfect introduction to entry level readers who are not familiar with the literary genius.  The book offers enough information to satisfy beginners but also contains plenty of fuel for readers more familiar with Lewis.

3.5 stars


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