RUNNING SCARED – Edward T. Welch (2007)

aRunning Scared by Edward T. Welch is a book for all people.  The author is quick to point out the struggle that people have with fear:

Fear and worry run deep in us all.

Fear and worry have meaning.  They say something.  

Fear and worry say that the world is dangerous.  

Fear and worry reveal us.  They reveal the things that we love and value.

Dr. Welch explains fear, isolates fear, and exposes this cruel task master.  Fear is examined in light of God’s Word which includes a penetrating answer for anyone willing to look carefully at God’s promises and embrace the hope held out in the gospel.

Running Scared contains over 300 pages of help for people who battle fear.  My advice: Run quickly to your computer and order a copy of Running Scared!

4 stars

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