a trinityWhat do you get when you combine passionate spirituality, gospel-saturated writing, and the best of Reformed theology? Answer: A book that every Christ-follower should read, absorb, pray over, digest, and re-read.

Experiencing the Trinity by Joe Thorn is a combination of honest reflection and soul-searching which is informed exclusively by the Word of God. Imagine the contemplative musings of A.W. Tozer, the insight of C.S. Lewis, and the theological precision of J.I. Packer mixed together in one short book. The end result is Experiencing the Trinity.

Over twenty years ago, I was introduced to the notion of “preaching the gospel to yourself.” Jerry Bridges was my instructor and his guidance has served me well.  This biblical principle has been a gigantic source of encouragement in the Christian life. Joe Thorn picks up where Bridges left off by guiding readers through 50 short essays that put “meat on the bones” and show what it truly means to “preach the gospel to yourself.”

The book is arranged in three sections – Father, Son, and Spirit, respectively. The author writes in the first person and aims gospel promises to the head and heart with clarity, honesty, and gospel-centered resolve.

This is a book the dead guys would be proud of. It would certainly attract the attention of godly men like John Owen, Richard Sibbes, Jonathan Edwards, and John Bunyan. One of the advantages of Thorn’s work is that he casts aside the “wordiness” that the Puritans were famous for. Instead, he encapsulates a doctrinal reality in a few short pages but never at the expense of biblical truth.

Experiencing the Trinity is a short book. But this little gem is packed with gospel promises, gospel power, and fuel for Christ-followers who are struggling with fear, doubt, anxiety, or temptation.

My hope is that Experiencing the Trinity receives a wide reading; that thousands of Christians will be strengthened, edified, challenged, and equipped to continue the race – all the way to the Celestial City. And may many who have yet to embrace the promises of the gospel find refuge in the Triune God who alone grants forgiveness and peace to everyone who turns from their sin and casts all their hope and future in the Lord Jesus Christ!

Highly recommended!

I received this book free from the publisher.   I was not required to write a positive review. 

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