JESUS SWAGGER – Jarrid Wilson (2015)

0718021991_bJesus Swagger: Break Free From Poser Christianity by Jarrid Wilson seeks to challenge Christ-followers to live authentic, Christian lives.  The author calls readers to be different; to “walk tall with a righteous swagger; a Jesus swagger.”  He adds, “Jesus swagger is all about your life being infected with the love of Christ.”

Jesus Swagger is clearly seeking to reach a high school/college audience.  The author has a way of communicating important truths in a way that will surely reel the target audience in.  It has a hipster feel and is laced with theological nuggets along the way.

Jesus Swagger calls readers to a Christian lifestyle which is genuine and in line with Scriptural mandates.  Yet some of the content comes off as irreverent and too casual.

Some of the doctrinal matters discussed fall short.  For instance, the author attempts to wrestle with the doctrine of the Holy Spirit but  wanting to play “both ends for the middle,” ends up leaving readers with more questions than answers.

Wilson’s work is written with the best intentions and includes some basic principles for living the Christian life.  Unfortunately, I could not get past the notion of “Jesus Swagger.”  While the author has authentic Christianity in mind, the very notion of “swagger” smells like the world’s system.  The swagger factor does not naturally lead one to think of humble,  loving, merciful, and God-centered Christianity.

I received this book free from the publisher.   I was not required to write a positive review. 

3 stars

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