wilsonJared C. Wilson. Unparalleled. Grand Rapids: Baker Books, 2016. 233 pp. $9.25

Unparalleled by Jered C. Wilson cuts through the postmodern fog and alerts readers to the message of Jesus and his gospel. Wilson’s book highlights the compelling case for historic Christianity and draws out the features that make it unique.

Wilson paints with a broad brush but includes enough details to illicit an appropriate response from his audience, either believers or unbelievers. Topics include the nature and essence of God including an excellent discussion on the Trinity. The author discusses the doctrine of man, Christ, and salvation in a way that will attract long-time followers of Christ as well as people who are investigating the Christian faith.

Readers unfamiliar with Wilson will be immediately lured in by his transparency, clear writing, winsome style. In the end, the author succeeds in setting forth a lucid case for the Christian faith. Anyone who reads Unparalleled will be touched, encouraged, and prompted to seek the face of Jesus Christ. Indeed, he is the most unique and compelling Person in the universe.

I received this book free from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review.

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