Romans – Exposition of Chapter 1: The Gospel of God

lloydMartyn Lloyd-Jones, Romans – An Exposition of Chapter 1: The Gospel of God. Carlisle: Banner of Truth, 1985. 394 pp. $28.00

This year, I set out to read all fourteen volumes of the Lloyd-Jones series on Romans. The first volume, Romans – An Exposition of Chapter 1: The Gospel of God is a theological feast for the soul. These messages are a part of a fourteen-year journey that Lloyd-Jones led his congregation through before his death in 1981.

The first volume guides readers through Romans 1:1 – 1:24, nearly four hundred pages – which should be a good sign for anyone who values solid exposition.

Anyone who knows Lloyd-Jones knows that his preaching was packed with gospel-centered, Christ-saturated teaching. This volume is no exception. A few citations should be enough to attract the attention of hungry followers of Christ:

“The business of the gospel is to make us righteous in the sight of God, to make us acceptable with a God, to enable us to stand in the presence of God.”

“The business of the gospel is to bring people to God, and to reconcile them to God.  Not to fill churches!  Not to have good statistics!  But to reconcile men to God – to save them from the wrath to come.”

“If you do not see the wrath of God when you look at the cross of Calvary’s Hill, it is very certain that you do not see the love of God either.”

“We must desire His glory and, therefore, we must desire to live for His glory.  We must seek His will; we must desire to know His will.  And our greatest endeavor always should be to do His will in all things and in all respects, whatever the consequences may be.  That is godliness.”

I stand with many others who consider Lloyd-Jones the finest expositor of the 20th century. May God raise a new generation of pastors and leaders who follow the lead of this zealous Welshman.

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