We Stood Upon the Stars

starRoger W. Thompson, We Stood Upon Stars, Waterbrook Books, 2017, 222 pp. $10.33

Finding God in lost places is the reoccurring theme in Roger W. Thompson’s book, We Stood Upon Stars. Thompson uses his storytelling skills and love of the outdoors in this fascinating account of a real-life adventure seeker.

Thompson invites readers to join him on a journey that begins at Joshua Tree National Park and ends at Big Bend National Park and includes an assortment of tales in between.

The author has a style that engaging and solicits a wide-range of emotions, all of which prompt faith in God, the Creator. At a few points, the writing and insight offered is downright brilliant. For instance:

“We walked vineyards, where we learned the best vines grow in struggled soil. We studied the vines, scarred with age. The signs left behind by years of pruning are easily visible. We also learned that the best wine grans grow on vines with the most scars … Pruning is an act of love by the vinedresser.”

“I’m not on a career path that will lead to my head being carved in a mountain … A man needs to have carved in the mountains of his heart the great men he will look to when the chips are down.”

Thompson writes to inspire and my hope is that many will give his book a try. It will be a journey worth taking.

I received this book free from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review.

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