Narrative Apologetics – Alistair McGrath (2019)

narAlistair McGrath, Narrative Apologetics: Sharing the Relevance, Joy, and Wonder of the Christian Faith (Grand Rapids: Baker Books, 2019), 167 pp.

Alistair McGrath is no stranger to the field of apologetics. He as penned some noteworthy books that are widely read and utilized by Christ-followers around the world. His most recent work, Narrative Apologetics is no exception.

Narrative Apologetics argues that there are three tasks that must be employed: First, we must engage cultural objections to religious belief. Second, we must show the ways that historic Christianity connects with people in the real world. Third, we must present the Christian faith in a clear, compelling, and understandable. way.

Dr. McGrath argues that utilizing narrative is a powerful way of carrying out the above objectives. He cites numerous examples in order to build a positive case for his proposal. I believe his proposal is not only sound but is also necessary. In the end, the author does not militate against propositional truth but seeks to bolster it through narrative literature. Such an approach will engage the emotions and stimulate the imagination of hearers.

McGrath’s approach in Narrative Apologetics is winsome and informative. The author says, “By telling our stories, we bear witness to the capacity of the gospel to give us direction in life to cope with uncertainty and difficulty and to live well and meaningfully ink art so often seems a confusing world.” I commend Narrative Apologetics to readers with a background in the field and trust that it will be a helpful tool that will be used with great effectiveness in many evangelical “toolboxes.”

I received this book free from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review.

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