What Does the Bible Teach About Homosexuality? – Owen Strachan & Gavin Peacock (2020)

Owen Strachan & Gavin Peacock, What Does the Bible Teach About Homosexuality? (Geanies House, Fear, Ross-shire: Christian Focus Publication, 2020), 149 pp.

Scripture warns, “For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions …” (2 Timothy 4:3, ESV). That time has arrived as few are willing to tolerate truth. Clear views and instruction on homosexuality, as a result, are rare these days. One shining exception to this rule is Owen Strachan and Gavin Peacock. Both writers have earned a reputation for being bold teachers of God’s authoritative Word. In fact, the authors alert their readers in advance to their book “is grounded in the total inspiration, inerrancy, authority, sufficiency, and clarity of the Bible.”

Book 2 in their new trilogy, What Does the Bible Teach About Homosexuality?, is a powder keg of biblical truth, and is filled with bold challenges and strong biblical teaching.

Chapter one surveys the biblical teaching concerning homosexuality. Readers are introduced to the importance of the imago Dei, setting the stage for the crucial instruction concerning complementary unity, complementary polarity in biblical sexuality, and complementary reciprocity. In the end, it is clear what the Scripture teaches about homosexuality: “There is no part of homosexuality that we can distinguish as good.” As difficult as this reality may be, the authors are quick to point readers to the biblical testimony concerning this subject.

Chapter two focuses on the transforming power of the gospel. In this chapter, we not only encounter the heart and soul of the book, but we are also introduced to the driving force and purpose of the authors. It is the gospel that fuels their passion, love for truth, and concern for people who are trapped by homosexual sin:

“We conclude that it is pastorally loving and faithful to sound God’s warnings in the right way. We need to let God’s Word rewire our minds, actions, and emotions. The purpose is to save people and bring glory to God and show people that as they live the way God created them to be they will be satisfied. This is our intention in this book.”

Chapter three zeroes in on the battle against sexual sin. Clear, practical, and biblical principles are presented for anyone who is struggling with sexual sin. Ultimately, Christ and his gospel is at the center of this fight, one that is explained admirably by the authors. Their straightforward and gracious work will be a great encouragement to anyone who is ready and willing to receive the truth of God’s Word.

I received this book free from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review.

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