What Does the Bible Teach About Transgenderism? – Owen Strachan & Gavin Peacock (2020)

Owen Strachan & Gavin Peacock, What Does the Bible Teach About Transgenderism? (Geanies House, Fear, Ross-shire: Christian Focus Publication, 2020), 162 pp.

“Transgenderism is a new term for an old sin.” This idea lies at the core of Owen Strachan and Gavin Peacock’s book, What Does the Bible Teach About Transgenderism? The third book in their timely trilogy addresses a matter that is of grave concern, yet many downplay the concern of transgenderism in our day. This book settles the score in a winsome and decisive way.

The Bible on Gender and Identity

Chapter one lays the biblical groundwork and sets parameters that are timeless and indisputable. The authors don’t mince words: “The Bible teaches us much about what some call ‘transgenderism,’ and it fundamentally tells us to flee it.” Focused intently on this presupposition, the biblical case is presented concerning gender and identity.

Genesis 1-2 is the starting point with creatures made in the image of God. “There are men and women in the world because God desired two sexes would bear His image and glorify His name together.” Readers are introduced to the unique callings of men and women and confronted with the fall that deviated from God’s good plan for creation.

Since the fall, creatures militate against God’s plan for his creation, one of which is transgenderism. But the authors are resolute: “The Bible clearly closes off the possibility of adopting a ‘transgender identity.’” The rebel agenda of sinful creatures must be subjected to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Returning to Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

Chapter two presents the case for masculinity and femininity. It may be the clearest and most brief presentation in print. Several other good resources may be consulted here but the authors have synthesized the biblical case for biblical manhood and womanhood with great skill and faithfulness to Scripture. The gospel is at the center of this discussion and directs men and women to the cross of Christ. These pages are worth the price of the book.

New Identity, New Life

Finally, chapter three reveals how sinners must learn to find their lives and identity in Christ. Union with Christ is explored and applied specifically to people who may struggle with transgenderism. Practical principles are set forth that will enable people to apply the crucial doctrine of the union with Christ to their lives.

At the conclusion (as is the case for the other two books), a helpful section of frequently asked questions.


The church owes Owen Strachan and Gavin Peacock a debt of gratitude for their recent trilogy. The topics of lust, homosexuality, and transgenderism are subjects that the church will need to face more and more in the days ahead. The books are purposefully short and readable and benefit a wide range of people – from high school and college-age students, pastors, counselors, parents, and grandparents. The teaching is bold and biblical but the tone is gracious and inviting. I recommend this trilogy without reservation.

I received this book free from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review.

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