Why Should I Join a Church? – Mark Dever (2020)

Mark Dever, Why Should I Join a Church? (Wheaton: Crossway, 2020), 52 pp.

One of the most surprising hot topics that emerges among Christians concerns the matter of church membership. It is not unusual to encounter people who have strong opinions that oppose the notion of church membership. Mark Dever’s short book, Why Should I Join a Church? offers a response that is both biblical and compelling.

Dever’s book is a part of the new Crossway series, Church Questions Series that addresses topics which are on the minds of concerned Christians. The authors response is seven-fold. I offer Dever’s rationale here in order to motivate readers to pick up the book and explore his arguments further:

  1. Join a Church to Display the Gospel
  2. Join a Church Because the Bible Requires It
  3. Join a Church to Love Other Christians and Edify the Church
  4. Join a Church to Evangelize the World
  5. Join a Church to Assure Yourself
  6. Join a Church to Expose False Gospels
  7. Join a Church to Glorify God.

Each answer is supported by Scripture and sound reasoning. I urge skeptics to pick up the book and engage with the author. Such an approach to lead thoughtful and obedient readers to take the necessary steps to join a local church!

Mark Dever has a reputation for passionately promoting church membership. His heart is and ecclesiastical convictions are clearly portrayed here. Take up and read. Take Dever’s advice and join a church.

I received this book free from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review.

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