Walking With God: Meditations on Psalm 119 – Brian S. Borgman

Brian S. Borgman, Walking with God: Meditations on Psalm 119 (Conway: Free Grace Press, 2019), 187 pp.

The apostle John writes, “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth” (3 John 1:4, ESV). As such, followers of Christ should be people of the book: reading, meditating on, studying, and memorizing Scripture. God’s people, by definition, then, should treasure the Word of God.

Brian S. Borgman’s book, Walking with God: Meditations on Psalm 119 is a tool that enables Christians to saturate themselves with Scripture. Specifically, the book introduces readers to Psalm 119.

Walking with God is a devotional commentary that guides readers through each stanza of Psalm 119. The author writes, “I am convinced that the Psalm reflects the challenge of walking with God as an exile in a hostile world.” In light of this, each chapter is filled with exegetical insight that helps readers forge a God-centered path in a world that opposes God and the ways of God.

The great strength of this resource is its brevity and readability. The content may be accessed by readers at every stage of the Christian journey. Each chapter concludes with a short application that includes points of pastoral counsel and guidance for Christians.

I heartily recommend Walking with God and trust that many will be strengthened and encouraged by this fantastic book.

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