The Leadership Formula – Juan Sanchez

Juan Sanchez, The Leadership Formula (Nashville: B&H Publishing, 2020), 208 pp.

The Leadership Formula: Developing the Next Generation of Leaders in the Church by Juan Sanchez is a book for our times. The aim of the author is to “encourage courageous, faithful leaders to raise up the next generation of leaders to whom we will entrust the gospel and our ministries.”

The book is arranged in three sections: Part 1: The Leadership Foundation establishes the crucial biblical groundwork that the author builds upon throughout the remainder of the book. At the heart of this section is the presentation of leadership roles and the importance of authority and submission.

Part 2: The Leadership Formula overviews the necessary ingredients of church commitment to the tenets of Scripture. “Biblical leaders,” writes Sanchez, “are men of godly character, who maintain biblical convictions, lovingly care for the congregation, and display a sufficient competency in handling the Bible.”

Part 3: The Leadership Formula Applied shows readers how the leadership formula works in ministry, the home, and other settings. Ultimately, the author seeks to “encourage churches and church leaders to be faithful in raising up the next generation of leaders so that those who come after us don’t merely assume the gospel. If the next generation assumes the gospel, the following generations will eventually deny it.”

The Leadership Formula is a fantastic book that should be devoured by every church leader and prospective leader. I found myself wondering throughout the book if Pastor Sanchez was “a brother from another mother.” The writing is solid, the theology is sound, and the approach to leadership development is practical in every way. Highly recommended!

I received this book free from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review.

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