God, Technology, and the Christian Life – Tony Reinke

Tony Reinke, God, Technology, and the Christian Life (Wheaton: Crossway Books, 2022), 316 pp.

God, Technology, and the Christian Life by Tony Reinke addresses an important topic that affects a vast number of readers. The title conjures images of Christ-followers who jettison technology and seek refuge in a monastery. But nothing could be further from the truth. This book is a biblical theology of technology. The author seeks to build his case for human innovation and also warn readers of the dangers of technology.

Reinke navigates the stormy waters of technology in a skillful and winsome way. He argues, “It’s a good time for Christians to think about God’s relationship to technology as we ask questions about the origin of our gadgets.” He tips his hat to technology but also warns how it easily morphs into idolatrous obsession.

One of the most encouraging aspects of this book is the focus on God’s providential control over all things – including Silicon Valley. It is an inside look at the sovereignty of God and the role that technology plays in our lives – for good or ill. The author writes:

Our lives are a spritz-mist in the desert that evaporates before hitting the ground … We are creatures of clay. Our pseudo-control over the variables of this world is an idolatrous illusion. Instead, we affirm with the psalmist that God has governed my destiny until now, he is the source of all I need today, and he holds my future secure.

In what may prove to be the most important sentence in the book, Reinke writes, “We are not called to stifle all-new tech but to live with enough trust in God’s providential control to celebrate the tech wealth offered to us while also demonstrating God-centered contentment required for a life of tech minimalism.”

Such a God-centered paradigm is a mighty help, especially for those who have not stopped to consider the implications of the technium. God, Technology, and the Christian Life is a soul-shaping book. The insight that Reinke offers is deeply convicting. But the author is not content to leave readers in sackcloth and ashes. His aim is to inspire them. He wants readers to set their sights on the New Earth where they will glorify God and enjoy him forever.

I received this book free from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review.

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