Fight For Your Pastor – Peter Orr

Peter Orr, Fight For Your Pastor (Wheaton: Crossway Books, 2022), 112 pp.

Pastors have a difficult job. They are asked to be top-notch scholars and theologians, counsel hurting people, lead churches with skill and godliness, feed the people of God, and protect the flock from enemies within and without. Peter Orr understands the pressure that pastors face. It was this understanding and sympathy that led him to write, Fight For Your Pastor.

Fight for Your Pastor is a call to people in the pew. It is an urgent plea to cease complaining and criticizing. It is an entreaty for the people of God to come alongside their pastor and encourage him, pray for him, and submit to his leadership.

Orr includes seven chapters that are both encouraging and convicting. Church members will do well to follow the author’s godly counsel and directives. The result will build pastors up and help ensure that the next generation of Christian leaders will be viable and spiritually strengthened for the most difficult job in the world.

The closing words of the author summarize his heart and passion:

In the end, this book sounds a call to abandon a passive, consumerist model of the church. it calls us to abandon the notion that the pastor performs the ministry which we evaluate according to how it benefits us … It is a call for us to be devoted to the work of the Lord. It is a call for us to love and support our pastor. It is a call to fight for him!

I urge Christians to pay heed to Peter Orr’s wisdom. Pick this book and absorb it. Then track down your pastor and fight for him!

I received this book free from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review.

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