The Precious Blood – Dustin Benge (2022)

Dustin Benge, The Precious Blood (West Lorne: H&E Publishing, 2022), 149 pp.

“Even before sin entered the human story, God, in his sovereign providence, provided the remedy – the blood of Christ.” So says Dustin Benge in his most recent work, The Precious Blood: The Benefits of the Atonement of Christ.

The author invites readers to discover the multi-faceted work of the cross in nine short chapters. Benge writes with the warmth of Jerry Bridges, the precision of J.I. Packer, and the passion of Martyn Lloyd-Jones. His ability to compose short chapters for lay people that focus like a laser beam on biblical truth is rare in our day.

I urge Christians to pick up a copy of The Precious Blood. Read it. Absorb it. Meditate upon it. Worship God for the wonderful reality of the gospel. And thank him for the precious blood of his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ!

One of the best books of 2022!

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