Katharina & Martin (2017)

Michelle DeRusha, Katharina and Martin Luther: The Radical Marriage of a Runaway Nun and a Renegade Monk Grand Rapids: Baker Books, 2017, 314 pp. $14.79 When Baker Publishing gave me an opportunity to read and review Katharina & Martin Luther by Michelle DeRusha, I hesitated. For almost twenty-five years, I have studied the life ofContinue reading “Katharina & Martin (2017)”

Gospel Reformation

The excommunicated monk sits alone in silence. Beads of sweat accumulate on his brow as he reads from the pages of the Greek text. A dark cloud casts a shadow over his homeland as the grace of the gospel is obscured by a church that cares more about tradition than truth. For the next tenContinue reading “Gospel Reformation”

Shaken – Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow, Shaken. Austin: Waterbrook, 2016, 209 pp. $13.21 A roller coaster is a fitting term for Tim Tebow. As a Heisman Trophy winner and with two national championships under his belt, his future appeared bright. Tebow was originally drafted in the first round by the Denver Broncos in 2010. He was subsequently traded toContinue reading “Shaken – Tim Tebow”

The Legacy of Luther – R.C. Sproul and Stephen Nichols, Ed.

R.C. Sproul and Stephen J. Nichols, The Legacy of Luther. Sanford: Reformation Trust Publishing, 2016, 308 pp. $15.66 On October 31, 1517, Martin Luther nailed the Ninety-Five Theses to the castle door in Wittenberg. One act of courage sparked a theological firestorm in Germany that set the world able in a matter of days. SpreadingContinue reading “The Legacy of Luther – R.C. Sproul and Stephen Nichols, Ed.”

True Faith and Allegiance – Alberto R. Gonzales

Alberto R. Gonzales, True Faith and Allegiance. Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2016, 526 pp. $19.09 True Faith and Allegiance is the biographical tale of a man who has experienced the American dream. Rising from humble origins, this man served in a prestigious Texas law firm, and served under George W. Bush during his days as governorContinue reading “True Faith and Allegiance – Alberto R. Gonzales”

Andrew Fuller: Holy, Faith, Worthy Gospel, World Mission

John Piper, Andrew Fuller: Holy Faith, Worthy Gospel, World Mission Wheaton: Crossway Books, 2016, 57 pp. $8.99 For years now, John Piper has been churning out a series of stunning biographical portraits of pivotal leaders in the church. His newest offering is no exception as he offers up a refreshing volume on the life andContinue reading “Andrew Fuller: Holy, Faith, Worthy Gospel, World Mission”

God Took Me By the Hand

Jerry Bridges. God Took Me by the Hand. Colorado Springs: NavPress, 2014. 192 pp. $12.60 When Jerry Bridges went to be with the Lord in March, 2106 I set out to write a tribute. Bridges played a key role in shaping the theological foundations of my early Christian life. After writing several pages, words simplyContinue reading “God Took Me By the Hand”

Battling Discouragement in Pastoral Ministry – C.H. Spurgeon

C.H. Spurgeon. Autobiography, Volume 2: The Full Harvest, 1860-1892. Carlisle: Banner of Truth, 1973. 524 pp. $36.00 In his excellent piece, 21 Maxims for Discouraged Pastors, Douglas Wilson reminds us that discouragement is part and parcel of pastoral ministry. Here is a piece of advice for men in pastoral ministry. Whenever you face the firesContinue reading “Battling Discouragement in Pastoral Ministry – C.H. Spurgeon”

Eyes Wide Open: Miracles and Mistakes on My Way Back to KoRn

Brian “Head” Welch. With My Eyes Wide Open: Miracles & Mistakes on My Way Back to KoRn. Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2016. 214 pp. $16.36 With My Eyes Wide Open is the biographical account by Brian “Head” Welch, guitarist for the popular metal band, KoRn. Welch describes his conversion to the Christian faith, his departure fromContinue reading “Eyes Wide Open: Miracles and Mistakes on My Way Back to KoRn”

The Reformation Still Matters!

Erwin Luther. Rescuing the Gospel: The Story and Significance of the Reformation. Grand Rapids: Baker Books, 2016. 206 pp. $14.79 The 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation will soon arrive. A handful of evangelicals await this special day of celebration, when on October 31, 2017 they will remember Luther’s courageous act as he nailed theContinue reading “The Reformation Still Matters!”