WHAT WE BELIEVE – R.C. Sproul (2015)

What We Believe, by R.C. Sproul captures the essence of the well-known Apostles’ Creed. Dr. Sproul alerts readers in the preface, “The renewed mind is initiated by the immediate, sovereign, supernatural work of God, the Holy Spirit, in regeneration. It is developed by the continued operation of the Spirit in the soul and by feeding uponContinue reading “WHAT WE BELIEVE – R.C. Sproul (2015)”


In the late 1940’s, V.W. Steele resigned as the Senior pastor at Bethel Baptist in Everett, Washington. He stepped away from his pulpit at the height of a revival as he felt prompted by God to move to another ministry. He loaded up the car with his young family made the long journey to LosContinue reading “AWAKENING THE EVANGELICAL MIND – Owen Strachan (2015)”

A LOST GOD IN A LOST WORLD – Melvin Tinker (2015)

Augustine sounded the alarm in his magisterial work, The City of God.  The date was 426 A.D. Augustine’s battle cry alerted Christ-followers to the beauty, majesty, and sovereignty of a holy God. Melvin Tinker sounds another alarm in his new book, A Lost God in a Lost World. His intent is to articulate the soberingContinue reading “A LOST GOD IN A LOST WORLD – Melvin Tinker (2015)”

FAITH ALONE – Thomas Schreiner (2015)

Faith Alone by Thomas Schreiner is much-needed treatment of the doctrine which was rediscovered during the days of the Protestant Reformation, namely, justification by faith alone. The author makes it plain from the beginning that he does not intend to offer a comprehensive treatment of this doctrine. Rather, he guides readers through a tour ofContinue reading “FAITH ALONE – Thomas Schreiner (2015)”


The Word of God is emphatic about our role as we enter the marketplace of ideas. The apostle Paul sounds the warning in Colossians 2:8 – “See to it that no one takes you captive by philosophy and empty deceit, according to human tradition, according to the elemental spirits of the world, and not accordingContinue reading “A HISTORY OF WESTERN PHILOSOPHY AND THEOLOGY – John Frame (2015)”

THE PASTOR AS PUBLIC THEOLOGIAN – Kevin VanHoozer and Owen Strachan (2015)

After serving in pastoral ministry for nearly twenty-five years, I can testify that the most discouraging moments occurred when the people of God failed to look favorably on theology.  R.C. Sproul rightly laments, “We live in the most anti-intellectual period in all of church history.”  Frankly, many pastors have the battle scars to prove it.Continue reading “THE PASTOR AS PUBLIC THEOLOGIAN – Kevin VanHoozer and Owen Strachan (2015)”


Reformed Dogmatics by Herman Bavinck (1854-1921) is arranged like a standard systematic theology text and includes seven branches of theology overall.  Bavinck was a seminal thinker in his day and deserves to be read in ours.  The new abridged volume by Baker Academic is a welcome addition to the growing number of theological works inContinue reading “REFORMED DOGMATICS – Herman Bavinck”


Each year, I put together a “top ten list,” books that have personally encouraged me; books that I would commend to others.  It is unusual to include a booklet in such a list but after reading Ian Hamilton’s, What is Experiential Calvinism this book will certainly make the top ten list in 2015. Calvinism is quiteContinue reading “WHAT IS EXPERIENTIAL CALVINISM? – Ian Hamilton (2015)”

Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Christian Belief – John Frame (2013)

How does one review a systematic theology by one of the leading minds of the evangelical world?  How does one summarize the thoughts of a 1,100-page book that towers with truth; a book that takes readers to the top of the theological mountain?  Anyone who attempts to read and devour Systematic Theology by John FrameContinue reading “Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Christian Belief – John Frame (2013)”


John Newton said, “I am a great sinner and Christ is a great Savior.”  He was touched and transformed by God’s grace, or as Newton put it in his famous hymn, “amazing grace.”  Iain Duguid’s book, Living in the Grip of Relentless Grace draws readers into the drama that plays out in the Old Testament. Duguid highlightsContinue reading “LIVING IN THE GRIP OF RELENTLESS GRACE – Iain Duguid (2015)”