Alexander Hamilton’s Guide to Life (2016)

Jeff Wilser, Alexander Hamilton’s Guide to Life New York: Three Rivers Press, 2016, 314 pp. $11.55 The Founding Father’s were men of principle and courage. In Jeff Wilser’s book, Alexander Hamilton’s Guide to Life, he argues that Hamilton is the most underrated Founding Father. Indeed, Alexander Hamilton is likely the most qualified man to serveContinue reading “Alexander Hamilton’s Guide to Life (2016)”

DUEL WITH THE DEVIL – Paul Collins (2013)

Jonathan Edwards is the greatest theologian to plant his feet on American soil.   It should come as no surprise, then, when one learns about the able individuals that sprouted forth from Edwards family tree – physicians, lawyers, university presidents, and even a vice-president.  Aaron Burr was Thomas Jefferson’s vice-president, of course.  Burr was alsoContinue reading “DUEL WITH THE DEVIL – Paul Collins (2013)”