Holy Roar:- Chris Tomlin & Darren Whitehead

Chris Tomlin & Darren Whitehead, Holy Roar (Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2017), 128 pp. Chris Tomlin has become somewhat of a household name in recent years. His worship songs have circled the globe and are songs in languages from every tribe and nation. I will never forget sitting with a group of college students in anContinue reading “Holy Roar:- Chris Tomlin & Darren Whitehead”


I always look forward to a new Chris Tomlin release.  Anyone who follows contemporary worship music will admit that Tomlin is a tremendous talent.  But his talent is not the main attraction.  Sure his music is good but what makes him a special artist is the depth of songs he writes and sings.  Some themesContinue reading “CHRIS TOMLIN – BURNING LIGHTS (2013)”