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THE GOSPEL: Recovering the Power That Made Christianity Revolutionary – J.D. Greear (2011)

greearJ.D. Greear’s excellent book, The Gospel: Recovering the Power That Made Christianity Revolutionary is based on a simple prayer:

“In Christ, there is nothing I can do that would make You love me more, and nothing I have done that makes You love me less.”

“Your presence and approval are all I need for everlasting joy.”

“As you  have been to me, so I will be to others.”

“As I pray, I’ll measure Your compassion by the cross and Your power by the resurrection.”

The book is a plea to the church to return to the simple gospel – that gospel that is by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone.  The author seeks to convince readers to know and live the gospel.  He adds, “The goal of the gospel is to produce a type of people consumed with passion for God and love for others … Being converted to Jesus is learning to so adore God that we would gladly renounce everything we have to follow him.”

Greear’s book stands among a growing list of books that emphasize the simple gospel of grace.  This should be required reading for every Christ-f0llower!