Is Hell Real? – Dane Ortlund

Dane Ortlund, Is Hell Real? (Wheaton: Crossway Books, 2022), 48 pp. The doctrine of hell is under attack. Voices that fuel the fire against the doctrine of hell come from philosophers, and university professors, and are tragically opposed by some pastors. Dane Ortund makes a biblical case for the doctrine of eternal punishment in hisContinue reading “Is Hell Real? – Dane Ortlund”

Will God Save Everyone? – James W. Walraven

James W. Walraven, Will God Save Everyone? (Enumclaw: Redemption Press, 2020), 311 pp. Christian universalism has been gaining ground in both the academy and the church. As this regrettable trend and theology heresy grows by the day, the responses have been few and far between. James W. Walraven presents a biblical rebuttal of Christian universalismContinue reading “Will God Save Everyone? – James W. Walraven”


Christopher W. Morgan and Robert A. Peterson. Is Hell For Real Or Does Everyone Go to Heaven? Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2011. 96 pp. $9.99 It is unusual to hear about the doctrine of eternal punishment these days. Indeed, it is rare to hear a sermon that dares to address the very notion of hell. ChristopherContinue reading “RETHINKING HELL”

ERASING HELL – Francis Chan and Preston Sprinkle

The biblical doctrine of eternal punishment is part of the warp and woof of historic Christianity.  Prominent theologians from Augustine to Calvin and Wesley have boldly taught this doctrine.  Luther remarked, “The fiery oven is ignited merely by the unbearable appearance of God and endures eternally.  For the Day of Judgment will not last forContinue reading “ERASING HELL – Francis Chan and Preston Sprinkle”


Christopher Morgan and Robert Peterson join forces to answer one of the more controversial questions of the 21st century, “What is hell?”  Careful readers notice from the outset that the very question implies the existence of hell. The authors begin with the classic formulation, “Would a loving God really send good people to hell?”  ThreeContinue reading “WHAT IS HELL?”