JESUS CONTINUED – J.D. Greear (2014)

Jesus Continued by J.D. Greear is a book about the Holy Spirit.  The subtitle is a better description about the big idea in Greear’s book – “Why the Spirit Inside You is Better Than Jesus Beside You.”  If nothing else, the subtitle is bound to prompt discussion about the role of the Holy Spirit.  Ultimately,Continue reading “JESUS CONTINUED – J.D. Greear (2014)”

THE FORGOTTEN GOD – Francis Chan (2009)

Forgotten God by Francis Chan is an introductory book about the person and work of the Holy Spirit.  The subtitle describes the essence of the book, namely – Reversing Our Tragic Neglect of the Holy Spirit.  Many churches through fear or ignorance have done just Chan suggests; they have neglected the Holy Spirit.  And theContinue reading “THE FORGOTTEN GOD – Francis Chan (2009)”

GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT: Volume 2 – Martyn Lloyd-Jones

From 1952 to 1955, Martyn Lloyd-Jones offered a series of messages in the Westminster Chapel in London on doctrine.  God the Holy Spirit is the second volume in a three-part study entitled, Great Doctrines of the Bible and is a result of those great meetings. The author has a passion to communicate in-depth doctrinal truthContinue reading “GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT: Volume 2 – Martyn Lloyd-Jones”