The Rule Of Love – Jonathan Leeman (2018)

Jonathan Leeman, The Rule of Love (Wheaton: Crossway Books, 2018), 174 pp. Submission and authority is a hot topic these days. Tragically, however, most people are not flocking to read about it, let alone embrace this important reality. Jonathan Leeman explores this subject in his book, The Rule of Love. The subtitle nicely captures theContinue reading “The Rule Of Love – Jonathan Leeman (2018)”

CHURCH MEMBERSHIP – Jonathan Leeman (2012)

Jonathan Leeman’s newest installment, Church Membership is his latest contribution to the 9Marks Healthy Church Series.  The author sets out to help readers understand what church membership is – since many appear to be confused or reject the very notion. Leeman begins by arguing that the church is the highest kingdom authority on earth: “TheContinue reading “CHURCH MEMBERSHIP – Jonathan Leeman (2012)”