Dangerous Good – Kenny Luck

luckKenny Luck, Dangerous Good: The Coming Revolution of Men Who Care (Colorado Springs: NavPress, 2018), 195 pp.

Dangerous Good: The Coming Revolution of Men Who Care by Kenny Luck is directed at Christian men who want to make a difference. It is a short book that contains ten powerful lessons which are designed to push men in the right direction. These lessons are prompted and informed by Scripture, which runs against the cultural grain in every instance. For instance, Luck makes this lament early on: “Don’t take your masculine identity too seriously, or people will label you as narrow-minded, intolerant, or just stupid.” This lie is confronted and challenged throughout the book.

The author is concerned about shaping men whose hearts are completely sold out to God. To accomplish this end, Kenny Luck sends readers to the Word of God and invites them to participate in a revolution. This revolution is nothing less than the kingdom of God that is already/not yet.

Dangerous Good is an encouraging and informative book. Christian men who take Kenny Luck’s counsel to heart will not only be better off – they will find themselves are the center of a revolution of men who care.

I received this book free from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review.


MEN OF GOD – Trevor Archer and Tim Thornborough (2011)

Men of God is not for the faint at heart.  This excellent resource probes several areas that are of deep significance to Christian men.

The book is patterned after a typical Pauline epistle with a section on doctrine that is followed by a section on practical matters.

Part One: Men and the Gospel

The authors ground their work in the gospel of God.  This gospel is compared to an engine: “To become a Christian is to have the gospel of God installed in our hearts like a new engine to power our lives.”  The author endeavor to show how this gospel provides the fuel to live a life that honors Christ and enables men to serve their families as godly fathers and husbands.

Men are challenged to embrace three crucial weapons, namely – prayer, holiness, and the Scriptures: “The man of God is called to fight by prayer, by holiness of life and by the Word of God; to follow the captain of the Lord’s hosts, who himself won the battle by a sacrificial bravery that took him to the cross, and who calls his disciples to follow him.”  Part one effectively demonstrates the necessity of the gospel and propels men to live for Christ with all their hearts.

Part Two: Living for Christ

Part two includes short chapters on practical matters including marriage, singleness, fatherhood, sex, the church, work, witnessing, discipleship, and leisure.  Each chapter is brief, yet is grounded in Scripture and provides a wealth of suggestions and challenges for Christian men.

Men of God is an encouraging book that should be a source of strength and education for men who are seeking to obey Christ.  Don’t expect weighty exegetical arguments here.  This is truly a primer, a mere introduction – but one that is well worth reading and digesting.

4 stars