The Death of Porn – Ray Ortlund

Pornography has a stranglehold on countless men and women in our culture. There was a day when one needed to seek porn out but with the rise of the internet, pornography stalks the unsuspecting through means of a phone, computer, or television. Sadly, many of these are naively lured into grievous sin and find themselvesContinue reading “The Death of Porn – Ray Ortlund”

Passions of the Heart – John D. Street

John D. Street, Passions of the Heart (Phillipsburg: Presbyterian and Reformed, 2019), 308 pp. We find ourselves in the midst of a culture that is awash in sexual sin. Yet ironically, there are very few resources available to help people deal with this vexing problem. Some books minimize sexual sin and even ignore its perniciousContinue reading “Passions of the Heart – John D. Street”