Travel With John Knox

David Campbell, Travel With John Knox Leominster: Day One Publications, 2003, 128 pp. $20.00 Travel With John Knox by David Campbell is another installment in the Day One series the introduces readers to the heroes of the Christian faith. This 128-page volume is a great introduction to the Scottish Reformer who is described as “theContinue reading “Travel With John Knox”

Long Before Luther

Nathan Busenitz, Long Before Luther: Tracing the Heart of the Gospel From Christ to the Reformation Chicago: Moody Publishers, 2017, 243 pp. $10.49 Long Before Luther: Tracing the Heart of the Gospel From Christ to the Reformation by Nathan Busenitz recently hit the shelves. Busentiz sets out to discover whether or not the doctrine ofContinue reading “Long Before Luther”

Martin Luther: A Spiritual Biography

Herman Selderhuis, Martin Luther: A Spiritual BiographyWheaton: Crossway, 2017, 347 pp. $23.12 Herman Selderhuis, professor of church history at the Theological University Apeldoorn needs little introduction. His book, John Calvin: A Pilgrim’s Life was warmly received by many as he unpacked the Reformer’s life and legacy. Now the author makes his contribution to a growingContinue reading “Martin Luther: A Spiritual Biography”

Freedom Movement: 500 Years of Reformation

Freedom Movement: 500 Years of Reformation by Michael Reeves is a short, yet powerful look at the story that helped shape the Protestant Reformation. Reeves has done a splendid job at surveying the history behind the Reformation and alerting readers to the theological tension and truth that emerged. The author includes just enough biographical informationContinue reading “Freedom Movement: 500 Years of Reformation”

Why We’re Protestant – Nate Pickowicz (2017)

“Justification is the article upon which the church stands or falls.” So said Martin Luther as he battled for reform in the eye of the sixteenth-century storm that we know as the Protestant Reformation. The Reformers rediscovered the truth and beauty of the gospel message and proclaimed it faithfully and forcefully. Their allegiance to theContinue reading “Why We’re Protestant – Nate Pickowicz (2017)”

Revitalize: Biblical Keys To Helping Your Church Come Alive Again – Andrew Davis (2017)

Andrew M. Davis, Revitalize: Biblical Keys To Helping Your Church Come Alive Again Grand Rapids: Baker Books, 2017, 223 pp. $9.51 Andrew Davis understands what it means to pastor a church in crisis. But Dr. Davis also understands the joy of pastoring a church which has been revitalized. So the author is uniquely qualified toContinue reading “Revitalize: Biblical Keys To Helping Your Church Come Alive Again – Andrew Davis (2017)”

Gospel Reformation

The excommunicated monk sits alone in silence. Beads of sweat accumulate on his brow as he reads from the pages of the Greek text. A dark cloud casts a shadow over his homeland as the grace of the gospel is obscured by a church that cares more about tradition than truth. For the next tenContinue reading “Gospel Reformation”


Bold Reformer: Celebrating the Gospel-Centered Convictions of Martin Luther is available now! On October 31, 1517 Martin Luther nailed the ninety-five theses to the castle door in Wittenberg. One act of courage sparked a theological firestorm in Germany that set the world ablaze in a matter of days. Spreading like wildfire, thousands were introduced toContinue reading “ARE YOU A BOLD REFORMER?”


The Protestant Reformers were men of unbending principle. They were men of unyielding conviction. These men fought relentlessly for the truth. Some of the battle took place privately as godly men wrote books and treatises, which magnified the mighty work of the gospel. The story is well-known about how Frederick the Wise arranged to haveContinue reading “CORNERED IN A CASTLE: THE RESOLVE OF MARTIN LUTHER”

REFORMATION THOUGHT – Alistair McGrath (1988)

Alistair McGrath. Reformation Thought: An Introduction. Oxford: Blackwell, 1988. 285 pp. $40.54 Reformation Thought: An Introduction by Alistair McGrath explores the fascinating contours of the sixteenth century. The author helps readers understand the historical, cultural, and theological context of the events that led up the Protestant Reformation. McGrath guides readers on a fascinating Reformation tourContinue reading “REFORMATION THOUGHT – Alistair McGrath (1988)”