The Bride(zilla) of Christ

Ted Kluck & Ronnie Martin, The Bride(zilla) of Christ: What To Do When God’s People Hurt God’s People. Colorado Springs: Multnomah Books, 2016. 198 pp. $10.15 Anyone familiar with the writing of Ted Kluck knows that he’s an expert at keeping real, sharing from the heart, and applying the truth of the gospel to everydayContinue reading “The Bride(zilla) of Christ”

ROBERT GRIFFIN III: Athlete, Leader, Believer – Ted Kluck (2013)

Robert Griffin III: Athlete, Leader, Believer by Ted Kluck introduces readers to the legendary quarterback who leads the Washington Redskins.   RG3 singlehandedly re-energized the Washington Redskins in his first year as starting quarterback and has inspired thousands of young people to emulate his abilities as an athlete and his faith on and off theContinue reading “ROBERT GRIFFIN III: Athlete, Leader, Believer – Ted Kluck (2013)”