Renewing Our Commitment to Biblical Authority

Yesterday, we examined three important truths that emerge in Psalm 19:7. We learned that the Word of God is perfect, that it is the means of conversion and that God’s Word is reliable and trustworthy. God’s Word is the anchor that enables us to stand firm in a culture that scoffs at the notion ofContinue reading “Renewing Our Commitment to Biblical Authority”

A Word-Centered Life

God’s Word equips, encourages, challenges, teaches, and rebukes. It is an infallible light that illumines our path in this sin-stained world (Ps. 119:105). In order to benefit from God’s Word, we must read it and re-read it. We must savor it. We must delight in it. John Bunyan was a great lover of Scripture. CharlesContinue reading “A Word-Centered Life”