A Word-Centered Life

God’s Word equips, encourages, challenges, teaches, and rebukes. It is an infallible light that illumines our path in this sin-stained world (Ps. 119:105). In order to benefit from God’s Word, we must read it and re-read it. We must savor it. We must delight in it. John Bunyan was a great lover of Scripture. CharlesContinue reading “A Word-Centered Life”


Disciplines of a Godly Man is written with the expressed purpose of developing godliness in the life of men.  The book is based on Paul’s admonition to the young pastor Timothy: “Discipline yourselves for the purpose of godliness” (1 Tim. 4:7).  The book begins and ends with the subject of discipline.  Like bookends that encaseContinue reading “DISCIPLINES OF A GODLY MAN – Kent Hughes”