The Tunnels – Greg Mitchell

Greg Mitchell, The Tunnels New York: Broadway Books, 2016, 381 pp. $7.38 The Tunnels by Greg Mitchell is a captivating book that captures the drama surrounding the Berlin Wall. Researched with meticulous detail, the author presents real-life stories of escape, heroism, betrayal, and courage. History buffs will be fascinated by the story that unfolds thatContinue reading “The Tunnels – Greg Mitchell”

AVENUE OF SPIES – Alex Kershaw (2015)

My introduction to Alex Kershaw took place several years ago as I poured over his excellent book, The Longest Winter.  Kershaw is back again with another historical gem, Avenue of Spies.  The book chronicles the life and legacy of Sumner Jackson and his wife, Toquette.  These brave people joined the French in their pushback againstContinue reading “AVENUE OF SPIES – Alex Kershaw (2015)”