PASTOR DAD: Scriptural Insights on Fatherhood – Mark Driscoll (2009)

Pastor Dad by Mark Driscoll is a short and straightforward book for dads.

Driscoll brings his typical no-nonsense approach to the Christian life and applies his witty and biblical approach to parenting.

This short but powerful book begins where every book on parenting ought to begin, with God.  Driscoll rightly says, “The first thing we must note is that before a man can be a good father, he has to be a good Christian … Our ultimate goal must be that our children would grow to love and worship our God … I must worship the one true God as my Father, by repenting of my sin and coming to him by faith for grace to love him, as an example and pattern for my sons and, God willing, grandsons.”

Driscoll stresses a biblical approach to discipline.  The father must “discipline his children as needed to keep them on a path of wisdom and righteousness.”  He encourages dads to live exemplary lives before their children.  “Fathers are to lovingly lead their children toward heartfelt repentance of sin.”

Pastor Dad focuses in on the father’s duty to disciple his children.  It is the duty of every father to cultivate Christ-centered qualities and maturity in his children.  The father bears the primary responsibility for the spiritual growth of his family.

Driscoll rightly discusses the biblical roles of mom and dad: “There is no way anyone could read the Bible and wind up with the silly notion that both the husband and the wife are to be providers and that daycares or relatives are supposed to raise the children of a Christian couple.”  He willingly enters a contentious arena in a culture that is diametrically opposed to the biblical blueprint for family life.

I heartily recommend Pastor Dad.  Driscoll’s work is practical, thought-provoking, and challenging.  However, the most important feature of Driscoll’s book is its commitment to biblical principles.  Don’t expect an exhaustive approach to parenting.  Driscoll doesn’t pretend to provide all the answers.  But this is a good start.

Read this ebook which available for free at and pass it along to another dad.

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