Spirit-Filled Jesus – Mark Driscoll

Mark Driscoll, Spirit-Filled Jesus (Lake Mary: Charisma Media), 242 pp. Some writers have a unique ability to gather a crowd and speak to their needs. Mark Driscoll is such a writer. He has a solid understanding of Scripture. And he has a grasp of people and contemporary culture. As such, he is able to communicateContinue reading “Spirit-Filled Jesus – Mark Driscoll”

WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? – Mark Driscoll (2013)

Mark Driscoll has what is foreign to many other writers, namely, a virtually unlimited platform. Driscoll combines a free-flowing writing style with an informed biblical framework and an eye on culture. These qualities make him accessible to everyone from the student to the scholar.  Driscoll brings these qualities combined with a cutting edge wittiness to draw in readers from every stripe. In hisContinue reading “WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? – Mark Driscoll (2013)”

REAL MARRIAGE – Mark and Grace Driscoll (2012)

Real Marriage by Mark and Grace Driscoll hit the evangelical world by storm a few days ago.  Some, like the influential theologian, Wayne Grudem, are praising it and some are condemning it.  In my mind, the hype is a bit overplayed on both sides. Real Marriage  is biblical in its scope, practical in its counsel,Continue reading “REAL MARRIAGE – Mark and Grace Driscoll (2012)”

PASTOR DAD: Scriptural Insights on Fatherhood – Mark Driscoll (2009)

Pastor Dad by Mark Driscoll is a short and straightforward book for dads. Driscoll brings his typical no-nonsense approach to the Christian life and applies his witty and biblical approach to parenting. This short but powerful book begins where every book on parenting ought to begin, with God.  Driscoll rightly says, “The first thing weContinue reading “PASTOR DAD: Scriptural Insights on Fatherhood – Mark Driscoll (2009)”