WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? – Mark Driscoll (2013)

_225_350_Book.756.coverMark Driscoll has what is foreign to many other writers, namely, a virtually unlimited platform. Driscoll combines a free-flowing writing style with an informed biblical framework and an eye on culture. These qualities make him accessible to everyone from the student to the scholar.  Driscoll brings these qualities combined with a cutting edge wittiness to draw in readers from every stripe.

In his latest book, Who Do You Think You Are?,  Driscoll uncovers the true identity of every Christ-follower.  He makes it clear that many Christians have ignored or neglected their true identity in Christ.  The result is ominous, for “many who lose their individual identity idol simply choose another one, rather than turning to Jesus Christ.  Consequently, they repeat the entire painful process over and over in their lives.  Such people go from one addiction and compulsion to another, one religious commitment to another, and one relationship to another, continually seeking the answer to the question, ‘Who am I?'”  Calvin rightly identified that the human heart is an “idol factory” churning idols and worshiping lesser gods.  Driscoll merely alerts readers to the painful reality of idolatry that has taken root in the hearts of people.  The book, then, sets out to point readers to their true identity in Christ.

After an introductory chapter, the author unpacks fifteen theological realities; rock-solid biblical truths that mark every follower of Christ.  In this review, I am purposefully omitted the theological realities that concern our identity in Christ.  My hope is that readers will purchase the book and pour over the chapters, asking God to reveal himself afresh and remind them of who they are in Christ.  The net result will be a stronger walk and a fresh resolve to live in light of biblical truth.  Surely, the church and local communities will benefit from Christians who know and practice the truth of God’s Word; Christians who live out their identities which are rooted in Christ.

I have read several of Driscoll’s books over the years.  This new release is a decisive moment of depth, maturity, and pastoral wisdom.  While I have greatly enjoyed and benefitted from Mark’s other books, Who Do You Think You Are? will not only make a significant impact on the local church; it should silence the naysayers and perhaps build bridges with pastors who have been critical of Driscoll in the past.  You know who you are!

Thanks to Mark Driscoll for writing a book that will unleash a new army of Christ-followers who walk in the power of the Spirit and minister to people for the glory of God.

I received a complimentary book from the publisher and was not required to write a positive review.

4 stars

One thought on “WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? – Mark Driscoll (2013)

  1. Dave, you Rock! I am buying this book and will read it with Lee, I think this will be a good study for us. Thanks for reviewing. :)R

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