Spirit-Filled Jesus – Mark Driscoll


Mark Driscoll, Spirit-Filled Jesus (Lake Mary: Charisma Media), 242 pp.

Some writers have a unique ability to gather a crowd and speak to their needs. Mark Driscoll is such a writer. He has a solid understanding of Scripture. And he has a grasp of people and contemporary culture. As such, he is able to communicate in a way that is both challenging and comforting.

Driscoll’s latest book, Spirit-Filled Jesus invites readers to consider the Spirit-filled life of Jesus, which will enable them to live by his power. The author presents Christ in a way that is biblical and balanced. His Christological treatment is also consistent with creedal formulations, which are widely accepted. This treatment is a helpful introduction to new believers or students who are not versed in theology.

Driscoll is careful to make direct applications which aim directly at the heart of readers. He does not shy away from confronting sin but in doing so his approach is gracious and understanding.

One concern should be noted. First, while the book is solid as mentioned above, much of the work does not focus on the subject at hand, namely, the Spirit-filled Jesus. While the material is useful and biblically consistent, it appears off the beaten path at times. Such an approach is distracting and unhelpful.

In the final analysis, Spirit-Filled Jesus will prove helpful to Christians just getting started in the Christian race. It is a basic overview of applied Christology and Pneumatology. Seasoned believers, however, will be disappointed and may choose to look elsewhere.

I received this book free from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review.

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