GOSPEL TRUTH, PAGAN LIES – Peter Jones (1999)

A few days ago as my family entered a bookstore, my eight year old son shocked and thrilled me when he asked, “Hey Dad, where can I find the Peter Jones books?”  My son is asking the question that scores of Christians should be asking.  Enter Gospel Truth, Pagan Lies by Peter Jones.

It is not trendy.  It never made the New York Times best sellers list.  It is probably not on the shelf of your local Christian book store.  (It wasn’t available at the store I was in). In fact, most people have probably never heard about Gospel Truth, Pagan Lies.  But this is a very important book that needs to be read.

Dr. Jones clearly unfolds the differences between biblical Christianity and paganism and calls Christ-followers to spiritual discernment: “We need to wake up.  Anti-Christian but very spiritual paganism is flooding our land.”  Jones notes, “There are only two kinds of spirituality – Christian or pagan.  The two systems have nothing in common, and are as different as the truth and the lie.  But paganism loves to disguise itself in Christian clothes.”

Jones unpacks the five tenets of monism and contrasts these erroneous components with a Christ-centered and biblically informed worldview.  I am intentionally omitting the specific points in this review in order to lure readers to Jones’ excellent work.

Gospel Truths, Pagan Lies should be required Christian reading.  Parents need to read it for the sake of their children.  Young people need to read it in order to recognize the errors of monism and how these lies have infiltrated their culture.  Jones reminds us, “Paganism is like a downward spiral.  In the vortex at the bottom is Satan and the worship of evil … Biblical theism is like an upward spiral that brings us into the light of God’s presence.”

5 stars

One thought on “GOSPEL TRUTH, PAGAN LIES – Peter Jones (1999)

  1. Dr. Steele:
    I very much appreciate your work and commitment to the uncompromisable Truth of Scripture. I work for Dr. Jones, and would like to get in touch with you. Do you have an email address where I can reach you?
    Thank you, and the Lord’s blessings to you,

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