ON GLOBAL WIZARDRY – Peter Jones, Ed. (2010)

Peter Jones understands postmodern culture and has a particular interest in warning the church about the pernicious influence of neo-paganism.  His newest book, On Global Wizardry, continues to alert Christ-followers and equips them to respond in a biblically appropriate way. Jones edits this work and relies on a host of experts to assist him inContinue reading “ON GLOBAL WIZARDRY – Peter Jones, Ed. (2010)”

GOSPEL TRUTH, PAGAN LIES – Peter Jones (1999)

A few days ago as my family entered a bookstore, my eight year old son shocked and thrilled me when he asked, “Hey Dad, where can I find the Peter Jones books?”  My son is asking the question that scores of Christians should be asking.  Enter Gospel Truth, Pagan Lies by Peter Jones. It isContinue reading “GOSPEL TRUTH, PAGAN LIES – Peter Jones (1999)”