AGAPE LEADERSHIP – Robert Peterson and Alexander Straunch (1991)

Robert Peterson and Alexander Strauch summarize the life and leadership of Pastor R.C. Chapman in Agape Leadership.

More than anything, Agape Leadership puts flesh and bones on the elder qualifications set forth in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1.  Peterson and Strauch cover the pertinent biographical information that one might expect.  But the critical elements concern the leadership lessons that emerge from the life of R.C. Chapman.

Chapman (1803-1902) is portrayed as a godly man.  He was committed to the Word of God, prayer, evangelism, and the local church. His friend C.H. Spurgeon called him “the saintliest man I ever knew.”

R.C. Chapman’s life reminds me of a church I visited in Belarus.  I noticed a sign in Russian above the pulpit.  I asked the pastor to translate.  He responded with great humility, “Ah, the sign says, ‘We preach Christ crucified.'”  Chapman’s passion was to do just this.  His aim in life was to preach Christ crucified.  May his tribe increase!

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