HEART OF ICE – Lis Wiehl (2011)

Lis Wiehl comes out swinging in her third installment of the Triple Threat series.  The setting of the book is Portland, Oregon.  Three friends from different backgrounds work in tandem to neutralize a vicious psychopath.  Allison Pierce is a prosecuting attorney.  Nicole Hedges is a FBI investigator.  And Cassidy Shaw is a news reporter.

Wiehl does a good job introducing the characters, who come across as real people with real dreams.  Various sub-plots are introduced into the story to keep the attention of the reader.

Instead of spoiling the plot which would, in the final analysis spoil the book, I will focus on a few positive themes that emerge in Heart of Ice.

Good clean action

The story telling is good, the action is riveting, and is not filled with the typical junk found in American thrillers.  The plot is believable and linked to the real world.

Reveals the depth of human depravity

The book does a good job at unpacking the sinfulness of the human heart.  While Wiehl never intends to write a treatise on sin, she certainly does do justice to the corruption and radical depravity of the heart.

Demonstrates the power of friendship

The importance and power of friendship is clearly portrayed in Heart of Ice. It vividly portrays the strength one receives as a result of accountable relationships.

The Heart of Ice does not disappoint.  The former federal prosecutor and Fox News contributor has located a niche that will demand more books in the future.

I received this book free from the publisher through the BookSneeze.com <http://BookSneeze.com> book review bloggers program.

3 stars

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