The Gospel-Centered Life by Bob Thune is short, yet powerful study designed to help Christ-followers live in a way that reflects the Lord Jesus Christ and his gospel.

Each lesson is self-contained and includes helpful discussion questions and a short article that supplements the specific aim of the chapter.

The lessons are arranged as follows:

Lesson 1 – The Gospel Grid

Lesson 2 – Pretending and Performing

Lesson 3 – Believing the Gospel

Lesson 4 – Law and Gospel

Lesson 5 – Repentance

Lesson 6 – Heart Idolatry

Lesson 7 – Mission

Lesson 8 – Forgiveness

Lesson 9 – Conflict

The content is theologically informed and is rooted in the great truths of the Reformation.  Yet is it written in a way that will appeal to new believers and veterans of the Christian faith.

This resource will be  utilized best in small group ministry but may also be a helpful tool for individual Bible Study.  The Gospel-Centered Life is a vivid reminder that the gospel is more than a mere invitation to receive forgiveness and eternal life in Christ alone.  It is an invitation to enter life itself; a life that is centered on the claims of Christ and is propelled to joyful obedience which is empowered by the gospel.

5 stars


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