WHAT CAN I DO WITH MY GUILT? – R.C. Sproul (2011)

I cannot think of anyone who has done more to bring Reformed theology to center-stage than R.C. Sproul.  This rock of the Christian faith has a unique way of communicating challenging theological concepts in understandable ways. His teaching gift is evident in his little book, What Can I Do With My Guilt? Sproul distinguishes betweenContinue reading “WHAT CAN I DO WITH MY GUILT? – R.C. Sproul (2011)”


The Gospel-Centered Life by Bob Thune is short, yet powerful study designed to help Christ-followers live in a way that reflects the Lord Jesus Christ and his gospel. Each lesson is self-contained and includes helpful discussion questions and a short article that supplements the specific aim of the chapter. The lessons are arranged as follows:Continue reading “THE GOSPEL CENTERED LIFE – Bob Thune (2011)”