WHAT CAN I DO WITH MY GUILT? – R.C. Sproul (2011)

I cannot think of anyone who has done more to bring Reformed theology to center-stage than R.C. Sproul.  This rock of the Christian faith has a unique way of communicating challenging theological concepts in understandable ways. His teaching gift is evident in his little book, What Can I Do With My Guilt?

Sproul distinguishes between guilt and guilt feelings.  He challenges readers to honestly evaluate the depth of their guilt and to recognize the chasm between the sinners’ guilt and the holiness of God.

The author surfaces some popular ways that people tend to deal with guilt.  Some deny their guilt.  Others rationalize their behavior.  Sproul warns, “In God’s court, we’re guilty, and nothing we can say can change it.  It is absolutely futile for any human being to attempt to justify himself or herself before God.”  Still others seek to make restitution via acts of penance.

Finally, Sproul presents the cure for guilt.  Of course, the cure is forgiveness found in the merits of Christ and banking one’s hope in his life, death, burial, and resurrection from the dead.  The crucial question concerns the gospel which promises hope for anyone who believes and turns from their sin.

Sometimes short books can catch a reader by surprise.  This book will undoubtedly shock many a reader.  Some readers will be horrified by Sproul’s candor and the cure he presents.  But others will be blessed and shocked to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ.  One wonders – what will your response be?

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