TRUE COURAGE – Steve Farrar (2011)

Ever since Steve Farrar wrote Point Man, he has been churning out books aimed the hearts and minds of men.  Farrar has consistently called men to holiness.  He has called them to lead their families.  He has called them to lead in their churches.  His latest book calls Christian men to demonstrate True Courage.

The author points readers to Daniel (specifically Daniel 1-6) and argues that this man is an example of true courage.  Indeed, “True courage is the result of knowing God.”  The man who displays true courage fears God more than man, trusts God with his future, and realizes that God governs all events.  The simple point: Since God ordains everything that comes to pass, Christian men must bank on this reality and muster true courage in these last days.

Steve Farrar maintains his commitment to the authority of Scripture in this helpful volume.  He cites the great heroes of the Christian faith and stands on the shoulders of the Puritans and Reformers.  His work is encouraging and will serve men well – especially men who seek to be men of true courage.

4 stars

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