WHAT IS THE MISSION OF THE CHURCH? – Kevin DeYoung/Greg Gilbert (2011)

What is the Mission of the Church?  Ever since the establishment of the church in Acts, the question of mission has been on the mind of Christ-followers.  The question of mission is especially pertinent in our day.  Kevin DeYoung and Greg Gilbert address the question within a biblical framework.

DeYoung and Gilbert carefully peel away the necessary layers of data in order to answer the question posed in the book.  The heart of their answer lies in the Great Commission and Great Commandment.  They admit upfront the necessity of helping the poor and engaging in acts that constitute “social justice.”  Their bottom line: “If we improve our schools, get people off welfare clean up the park, and plant trees in the neighborhood, but aren’t seeking to make disciples, we may ‘bless’ our communities, but we’re not accomplishing the church’s mission … Ultimately, if the church does not preach Christ and him crucified, if the church does not plant, nurture, and establish more churches, if the church does not teach the nations to obey Christ, no one else and nothing else will.”

DeYoung and Gilbert have  successfully hit the target.  Their commitment to keep the main thing the “main thing,” namely developing disciples to the glory of God is what that the church needs to hear and put into practice.

4.5 stars

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