RESCUING AMBITION – Dave Harvey (2010)

Rescuing Ambition by Dave Harvey is a book about discipleship.  It is a book about sanctification.  Specifically it is about the sanctification of ambition – the transformation of ambition.

Harvey adds, “The Bible teaches that people are created by God to desire – and to go after those desires with single-minded determination.  It’s this capacity to desire and strive that can generate remarkable good or stupefying evil.  Whether it’s to conquer nations or control the remote, we’re hardwired to be ambition for what we want.”  The general tenor of the book explores these themes are subjects this ambition to the scrutiny of Scripture.

In one of the more poignant moments in the book, Harvey writes, “Don’t focus on what you’re to do; focus on what God has done for you.  He is faithful, and he’ll show his faithfulness to you.”  Sounds like ambition has been rescued!  This kind of ambition has been stripped of carnality and selfishness (i.e. selfish ambition) and is consumed with honoring and glorifying the Lord Jesus Christ!

Dave Harvey writes with the typical God-centered, gospel-rejoicing, Holy Spirit infused zest that we have grown to love over the years from the Sovereign Grace family.  Rescuing Ambition is a welcome addition to the growing number of resources that will only serve to strengthen and edify the church.

“Godly ambition is gospel ambition.  We dream because God rescued our corrupted, selfish ambitions and gave us the capacity to desire, dream, and work for his glory.” – Dave Harvey

4.5 stars — Highly recommended

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