Center Church – Timothy Keller

I have been reading books about the church for almost thirty years now. Most of the best material is being churned out by Mark Dever and the boys at 9Marks. Tim Keller’s, Center Church is a welcome guest in the growing list of books on ecclesiology. Keller sets out to communicate one central message whichContinue reading “Center Church – Timothy Keller”

WHAT IS THE MISSION OF THE CHURCH? – Kevin DeYoung/Greg Gilbert (2011)

What is the Mission of the Church?  Ever since the establishment of the church in Acts, the question of mission has been on the mind of Christ-followers.  The question of mission is especially pertinent in our day.  Kevin DeYoung and Greg Gilbert address the question within a biblical framework. DeYoung and Gilbert carefully peel awayContinue reading “WHAT IS THE MISSION OF THE CHURCH? – Kevin DeYoung/Greg Gilbert (2011)”