A few years ago, I heard Thabiti Anyabwile preach at Together for the Gospel in Louisville.  I remember being impressed with his pastoral heart, theologically precise mind, and his feet that were obviously set on obeying and glorifying God.  His newest book confirms my first impressions at T4G.

Finding Faithful Elders and Deacons reads like cliff notes for men who either aspire to serve, or are currently serve in either office.  And “cliff notes” is not a criticism; rather it is written in the most positive vein.  This does not suggest watered-down content or “weak tea.”  Rather, it affirms the qualifications and responsibilities that emerge in Scripture for faithful elders and deacons.  It reminds me of Biblical Eldership by Alexander Strauch – but tends to be less technical.  While Anyabwile’s treatment is theologically and exegetically accurate, it veers away from some of the more technical language and arguments that appear in Strauch.

The book is arranged in three parts.  Part one and part two survey deacon and elder qualifications – in short how to find faithful leaders for the household of God.  Part three summarizes the job description of pastors:

  • Elders Refute Error
  • Elders Avoid Myths and Train for Godliness
  • Elders Hope in God
  • Elders Command
  • Elders Let No One Despise Their Youth
  • Elders Set an Example
  • Elders Teach
  • Elders Grow
  • Elders Watch Their Life
  • Elders Watch Their Doctrine

Finding Faithful Elders and Deacons is a welcome and needed reminder for churches who are set on living, leading, and shepherding to the glory of God.  This is an important book and deserves to be read.  Highly recommended!

4 stars

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