THE TRUTH ABOUT LEADERSHIP – James Kouzes and Barry Posner (2010)

What two names are automatically associated with the word “leadership?”  Answer: Kouzes and Posner.  Their landmark works, The Leadership Challenge and Credibility stand head and shoulders above other leadership books.  Their latest book, The Truth About Leadership continues to encourage principle-centered leadership.

Patrick Lencioni rightly says, “This book cuts through the clutter and reminds us of what really matters.”  Kouzes and Posner immerse their readers in to fundamental leadership truths:

Truth # 1: You make a difference

Truth # 2: Credibility is the foundation of leadership

Truth # 3: Values drive commitment

Truth # 4: Focusing on the future sets leaders apart

Truth # 5: You can’t do it alone

Truth # 6: Trust rules

Truth # 7: Challenge is the crucible for greatness

Truth # 8: You will lead by example or you don’t lead at all

Truth # 9: The best leaders are the best learners

Truth # 10: Leadership is an affair of the heart

Once again, the authors are quick to point out the necessity of credible leadership that empowers and inspires people.  I cannot recommend this book high enough.  However, my encouragement is to read Kounzes’ and Posner’s earlier works before tackling this one.

Highly recommended!

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